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Visa bulletin for December 2009

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How long Is the wait for your priority date to become current?

DOS released the Visa Bulletin for December 2009. Section D indicates that legislative action which occurred during October 2009 has expand the Employment Fourth liking Certain Religious Workers and Employment Fifth liking Investor Pilot program group through 09/20/12.

This bulletin summarizes the availability of immigrant numbers during December. Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets an annual minimum family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000. The worldwide level for annual employment-based preference immigrants is at least 140,000. INA Section 203(e) provides that family-sponsored and employment-based preference visas be issued to eligible immigrants in the order in which a petition in behalf of each has been filed. These provisions apply at present to the following oversubscribed chargeability areas: CHINA-mainland born, INDIA, MEXICO, and PHILIPPINES.

December 2009 Visa Bulletin