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immigration lawyer

Best Immigration lawyers in USA

Best Immigration lawyers

You are just a number to the Immigration Judge and the Trial Attorney.
Their jobs are to just try to deport you.
To have a real chance at success, you must find a deportation attorney who is an expert in immigration law and who is a California deportation lawyer who is a qualified and expert Immigration Lawyer who specializes in Deportation Defense.
Our firm does just that.
We have decades of experience representing people in removal hearings and deportation cases.
Many people say “I need a deportation attorney near me…”.
Do not leave your representation to somebody who just happens to be local.
It is too important.
Get a deportation lawyer who knows the ins and outs of immigration law.
With our firm you have found a Los Angeles deportation lawyer that helps people all across the U.S.

Do I really need a deportation attorney to represent me in Immigration Court?

Yes. You would not try to fix a broken arm yourself would you? Immigration Laws change all the time and the Immigration Judge is not there to help you. The direction of your life and family is at stake here.

What is the first hearing?

The first hearing would be a Master Calendar hearing. This will decide the path of the rest of the case include taking the pleadings, admitting or denying the allegations and then stating what forms of relief you believe you are eligible for under the law.

What is a contested hearing?

This is where you have denied various allegations in the Notice to Appear and now you must present evidence why they are false and the Immigration must prove up their allegations against you.

What is a Merits Hearing?

This is the actual trial on the merits of the matter. Whatever relief you have applied for will be heard at the merits hearing and the Judge will then make a decision on the case.

Do I need to find a deportation attorney?

Absolutely. While one is not guaranteed by the government as with a criminal trial, you will be eaten up by the system if you do not get a qualified immigration lawyer to help you.

deportation attorney

Applying for Relief

As deportation lawyers, we can prepare several forms of relief to try to win the deportation.

Free Consultation

The initial immigration lawyer free consultation is free so we can determine what can be done, what relief is available and how we can best help you.

deportation attorney

Bond Hearings

Of course you would want to fight your case outside of detention.
We can help prepare and fight for a bond you can pay to be released.

Decades of Experience

Our National Immigration Law Firm has over 5000 cases helping immigrants across the U.S. win deportation cases.
You will not find a deportation attorney with more experience.