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Work permits application

work permit

Special work permits and provisional work

Work permit applications come in all types.
Some are issued based upon the main visa and are just a side benefit to the main Visa or status.
For example, an L-2 allows somebody to work as a derivate even though it is not specifically a work permit itself.

work permit

immigration work visa

Many work permits are based on the medical field such as nurses, doctors, physical therapists and occupational therapists

Some work permits are derivative to the status.
For example, you might be applying for adjustment of status based on marriage and can get a work permit during the application

The I-765 is the main Immigration Application to Apply for the Work Permit.
It can be submitted and normally will take between 1 and 3 months to get the issuance of the work permit.

Por nosotros clientes, es posible hablar con un abogado a nosotros bufete ayudarle obtenir un permiso de trabajo.

Work permit applications

Applying for a Work Permit can be specifically based upon the type of job. For example, there are H-1B’s, O-1’s, J-1’s, E-2’s and many more