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Immigration Court, Best Strategies for Winning Your Case

“There are several different ways to apply for relief to win a deportation proceeding.”

— Brian D. Lerner, Immigration Lawyer

Cancellation of Removal, Asylum, Adjustment of Status, Waivers, Registry and others are ways a criminal immigration lawyer can help you win a Removal Proceeding

You must fight your case in Immigration Court or you will get a Removal Order and be deported. Get a free consultation immigration lawyer in California no matter where you live anywhere in the U.S.

Being Removal and Winning a Deportation are two different things

When you get the Notice to Appear and have to go to Immigration Court for Removal Proceedings, the Immigration Judge might find that you are removal.
However, that does not mean you should pack your bags.
Rather, the deportation lawyer can determine what relief you qualify for and prepare the necessary packages to submit to the Immigration Court.
There will likely then be a trial on the relief which is requested and the Judge will make a decision as to whether to grant or deny the relief.
This is where the immigration attorney and deportation lawyer can help you and try to win so you get the Green Card.

deportation lawyer


Does your deportation lawyer have years of experience helping people in removal proceedings.
We have nearly 30 years of qualified experience helping people win in deportation proceedings.

Grounds for Relief

If you committed a crime and are now in removal proceedings and the government is trying to deport you, there may very well be ways of winning.
Our Los Angeles deportation lawyers will determine what grounds of relief you are qualified for under the law and then prepare the petitions accordingly.

Deportation Attorney

National Deportation Law Firm

Make sure that your attorney represents people all over the U.S. Immigration Law is federal law which means that a qualified and experienced deportation attorney can represent you anywhere in the U.S. It is better to get somebody who is an expert, rather than somebody who just happens to be local.

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Don’t Give Up

Unfortunately, many people just sign the deportation papers or don’t go to Court and try to run.
Don’t do that.
Our National Immigration Law Firm can help you.
The Immigration Judge and Immigration trial attorneys are not your friends.
They are not there to help you. We are.
Our only purpose is to fight for you in deportation proceedings.

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