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Experienced Deportation Defense Lawyers

Deportation defense and immigration lawyer

“What could happen if you do not get professional help from a Deportation Lawyer? You could be ordered deported.
The Bond could be denied.
Deadlines for deportation relief could be missed.
Applications could be misfiled.
Appellate arguments could be ruined.
You could lose the chance to stay in the U.S. with your family.”

— Brian D. Lerner, Immigration Lawyer
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Why you need a qualified deportation attorney

H-4 visa

Contacting Deportation Lawyers is easy

You can e-mail our California deportation lawyer at or call at 562-495-0554 and you can use a number of different social media to get in touch with our firm.

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An immigration attorney & deportation lawyer can get you Different Forms of Relief in Immigration Court.

These are only a few types of ways of Winning

  • Cancellation of Removal for LPR’s or Non-LPR’s.
  • Adjustment of Status based on Family or Employment Visas.
  • Asylum, Withholding of Removal or Convention Against Torture.
  • Termination of Proceedings.
  • Prosecutorial Discretion and/or Humanitarian Parole.
  • Voluntary Departure.+-

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Deportation Lawyer Near Me

Our deportation lawyers can help you with your immigration removal hearings.
And be there for the entire process from the bond hearing to the master calendar hearing.
We also are there for the contested hearing to the merits hearing and if necessary, we can appeal.
We can do these hearing telephonically or in-person.
Our deportation lawyers can meet clients in detention. We can try to get bond.

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Immigration Lawyer Free Consultation

Get Help from a Qualified Immigration Attorney if you are in Deportation/Removal Proceedings

Immigration Procedures Require You Have An Expert Helping You.
Many people are finding themselves in deportation / removal proceedings.
Get a Free Consultation Immigration Lawyer in California.
The Immigration Judge and DHS will try to deport you. There are many ways of avoiding and beating the deportation
Watch our Library of nearly 1,000 Helpful Immigration Videos