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Master calendar hearing, EOIR department of justice


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The Master Calendar Hearing is the hearing is the first and one of the most important.
It is critical for the ultimate success of your case that you get an immigration law firm to help you.
It only last a few minutes, but is will be the roadmap for the rest of the hearing.
You need a deportation lawyer with you so you don’t make a mistake and get deported.
You must find a deportation attorney who is experienced and versed in representing clients in immigration court.

deportation attorney

deportation lawyer

During the Master Calendar hearing, the Immigration Judge will ask you to admit or deny the allegations on the Notice to Appear or the NTA.
Of course, the immigration lawyer from the immigration law firm you have retained will be doing all the answering on these questions about the Notice to Appear.
It is critical that you do not admit to items that would be the burden of the government to prove.

Depending what you have done and what your California deportation lawyer will deny or admit the allegations, the case will then be set over for a contested hearing for the Judge to make a decision on the presented evidence on the denied allegations and to either sustain or deny those objections.
For example, are you eligible to adjust under 245(i)?
Do you qualify for Cancellation of Removal?

You should always have your immigration attorney from a reputable immigration law firm have in the back of his or her mind what would happen if the case goes up on appeal.
Therefore, the immigration lawyer should also be experienced in appealing denied immigration court cases so that you have a chance at success.
With our firm, call us to get an immigration lawyer Los Angeles free consultation from anywhere in the world.

Another important factor in the Master Calendar hearing is the Immigration Judge will be asking what relief you have available just in case you are found to be removable.
This would be item such as Cancellation of Removal, Adjustment, Asylum, Registry, etc.
In any event, having your Immigration Lawyer from a reputable American immigration law firm is critical to your success.
While you will get a free consultation immigration lawyer in California, we help clients all across the U.S.

deportation attorney

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