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Religious Worker Deadline

Special Immigrant Religious Workers

the court’s order in Ruiz-Diaz v. United States, No. CO-71881RSL (W.D. Wash. June 11, 2009).
Applications for adjustment of status must be filed by August 31, 2009.
This deadline applies to those applicants who had Form I-360 religious worker immigrant petitions pending as of June 11, 2009, and have accrued unlawful presence or unauthorized employment from the date of filing.
A properly filed adjustment of status application by August 31, 2009 will toll any such unlawful presence or unauthorized employment until USCIS issues a final administrative decision.
Class members in removal proceedings should immediately seek termination of the proceedings so that they can file their adjustment applications with USCIS before August 31, 2009.
Attorneys in the Ruiz-Diaz litigation and OIL may be able to assist in obtaining prompt termination of removal proceedings.

By Brian D. Lerner, Immigration Attorney