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Immigration Attorney is critical to the success of the case


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Hiring a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney is critical to the successful outcome of your case. Immigration Law is changing all the time.
What used to be the law is no longer the law.
What once was not permitted is permitted at the present time.
There are regulations, laws, cases, memorandum, policy and many other factors.  
Many times people  will think that completing a case is as easy as just filling out some forms. Unfortunately, it is much more complicated than this.
Brian D. Lerner says that an Immigration Attorney is able to look at all the areas of immigration law in order to determine how a particular situation might affect another area of immigration law.
For example, somebody might come to the U.S. on a B2 Visitor Visa and get married two weeks later.
They might look online to see the forms they need to complete to get a green card based on a marriage petition. Watch The Video on Los Angeles Immigration Attorney

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Then, at the interview, the case is denied and the applicant is deported.
Why? It would have been fraud to get married within 30 days of entry to the U.S under those circumstances.
An Immigration Attorney would have clearly seen this issue and advised the clients what to do and how to avoid the allegation of fraud.
Another situation might be somebody applying for naturalization in order to become a U.S. Citizen.
This person received their green card through employment and has no crimes, did not stay outside the U.S. for more than 2 weeks and has good moral character.
Sounds easy? In this case, not only was the naturalization denied, but the person was put into deportation/removal proceedings.
Why? Because it turns out that the company that petitioned the person for the green card went bankrupt prior to actually working at the company.
The naturalization officer stated green card should never have been given.
An Immigration Attorney would have seen this issue and prepared the legal arguments accordingly to have a much better chance of winning.

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Brian Lerner uses the example that Immigration Law is like a 10,000 piece puzzle.
In fact, the immigration attorney who is experienced in immigration law can most likely see paths to get the desired result (which would be to either stay in the U.S., get to the U.S. or avoid getting deported.)
Even if you decide not to hire an Immigration Attorney, the initial consultation would be a good idea.
At least you would be made aware of the issues that present themselves and to determine the path that is best to resolve your situation.
There are many Los Angeles  Immigration Attorneys and you must choose the one that is best for you.
You need to do your research and get the consultation.
Make sure of the experience and the qualifications.
A Los Angeles Immigration Attorney can see how naturalization, residency, inadmissibility, deportability, and many other factors all work together.
Properly hiring the Los Angeles Immigration Attorney is necessary to determining the best course of action for you.