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Mexico’s long war: Drugs, Crime, and the Cartels

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Baja California tries to return to normal after a weekend of cartel violence

Drug cartels threatened violence in the streets of Tijuana and other Northern Baja California cities over the weekend.
In response to the threats from the drug cartels, 90 percent of medical and dental appointments held by residents north of the border were canceled over the weekend and 40 percent of businesses closed Friday night into Saturday and Sunday.
Hundreds of National Guard troops were sent to Tijuana and other cities to patrol the streets.
No injuries were reported but police responded to two dozen vehicles being set on fire. 

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Narco threat lingers as U.S. border crossers avoid Baja California

“On my way here a lot of people told me stay away,” said Pele, pronounced peh-lee. “I had the fear too, so I turned around and I went back, I went back to my United States.”