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Getting the best immigration lawyer possible is critical to helping you

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If you have an immigration problem, you will need the best immigration lawyer to help you indicated the Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner, APC.
There are areas of law which do not have constant changes and which is  not so heavily linked to the policies of the President of the United States and Congress.
However, Immigration law is a hot topic and there are people who are on both sides of the debate.
Some people want more enforcement and other people want to grant some kind of amnesty.
Others are yet in between or want a combination of the the two.
Keep in mind that the best immigration lawyer may neither be on one side or the other, But will want to help you.
Generally, The best immigration lawyer will give you a consultation in order to determine what is your situation,
Your past and your options.
You will get a consultation to determine the risks and what can be done. If the immigration lawyer guarantees you success,
You will need to get another consultation as the best immigration lawyer will give you a realistic assessment of what needs to be done and let you know that he or she cannot actually give you a guarantee of what must be done.
You have to understand that with many of the petitions done under immigration law, it is an uphill battle.
However, that is the nature of immigration law and the best immigration lawyer will have years of experience fighting for immigrants and people who need help under immigration law. 
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immigration lawyer

We are a nation of immigrants,
Yet when the economy gets bad, or when something is not going right in the United States, Many times there are people who will just claim it is the immigrants fault.
Additionally, There are people who get immediately deported for committing crimes.
However, The best immigration lawyer will know many ways to fight your case and to find ways to beat the deportation.
Clearly, You will have already served your time for the crime.
Sometimes, You even take a guilty plea because that it what you are told to do and you are afraid that you will spend years in prison if you do not plea guilty.
Unfortunately, The criminal system (especially for immigrants or illegal immigrants) is scary and intimidating and when a district attorney gives you the best option to plea (even if you did not do it),
You just take it. Unfortunately, pleading guilty to a wide variety of crimes will land you in removal / deportation proceedings. 
In this case, You will absolutely need the best immigration lawyer to represent you states Brian D. Lerner.
There are ways of still qualifying for various petitions and forms of relief in Immigration Court.
For example, if you are a Lawful Permanent Resident and have a certain number of years inside the U.S.,
Then the best immigration lawyer can apply for Cancellation of Removal for Lawful Permanent Residents for you.
There will be different hearings, and ultimately a trial whereby you will testify and there will be other witnesses and filed petitions to get the Judge to hopefully grant the Cancellation of Removal.
You do have to be aware that many crimes are considered to be aggravated felonies, and therefore,
It is much more difficult to argue cases.

Only the best immigration lawyers will be able to fight these cases.
They will need to argue in many cases that the crime is not an aggravated felony and that the statutory language under the Immigration and Nationality Act does not mandate that the particular State Crime is an aggravated felony.
The best immigration lawyer will be able to argue categorical analysis and the modified categorical analysis of this case in order to try to get a ruling that it is not an aggravated felony.
Also, The best immigration lawyer will be able to prepare criminal relief by going to criminal court and trying to argue various  reasons that the guilty plea should be set aside and that the crime should be vacated.
If it is done properly,
Then the best immigration lawyer will be able to then argue either that the Immigration Court proceedings should be terminated,
Or in the alternative,
That the person in removal proceedings now qualifies for other forms of relief due to the fact that he or she is no longer an aggravated felon.
The best immigration lawyer will have a wide variety of tools at his or her disposal shares Brian Lerner.
These tools change over time and these tools take years of experience and practice.
Therefore, It is unlikely that you will find the best immigration lawyer with less than 15 or 20 years of experience.
Every year of practice will give the best immigration lawyer,
More tools, More experience, More ways of helping the person who has the immigration problem.
Thus, Be sure you investigate and look carefully for the best immigration lawyer to help you.