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Preparing the B-2 visa application

“The B-2 Visitor Visa Must show your intent to return to your home country once you are done with your vacation in the United States.”

— Brian D. Lerner, Immigration Lawyer

B-2 Visitor Visa

What to Prove at the B-2 Visa Interview

You must generally prove the foreign national (other than student, one performing skilled or unskilled labor, law enforcement, or representative of foreign information media). There is no Visa Waiver when applying for the B-2 Visitor Visa. Furthermore, get some information on B-2 Activities

b-2 Visa

The B classification is not meant to be “a catch-all classification available to all who wish to come to the United States temporarily for whatever purpose.” Rather, it is to visit the U.S. It is for a ‘visitor’ to the U.S.

The DS-160 should have attached property you own in home country


The more property you own, but better the chance of getting the B-2 Visitor Visa

You have a residence in a foreign country (need not have his own home). Thus, even if you do not own your home, this element can be met.
You have to show you have no intention of abandoning your foreign residence in your home country.
You need to demonstrate for the B-2 that you are visiting temporarily for business or pleasure.

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