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U-1 Visa Victim of Crime

Visas for victims of criminal activity


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The U visa category was created by provisions in the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000
for victims of certain enumerated crimes which occur in the United States.
The Act provides for up to 10,000 visas yearly for such victims.
See if you qualify for the S-1 Visa.
If the U Visa is granted,
you can then later apply for residency and then later through a U Visa Immigration Lawyer.

U nonimmigrants may be eligible for adjustment of status after three years of continuous presence.


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It would be necessary to show that the victim cooperated with police or some governmental agency.
Without that cooperation, then the U Visa will not be certified and there cannot be any issuance of a U Visa.
Cooperation would be in the form of making the report, working with the police or detective, testifying and/or being available for further questioning.
The U Visa Immigration Lawyer can certainly let you know of this.

A U Visa Immigration Lawyer can properly prepare the necessary paperwork and petition if you qualify for a U Visa.
It is unfortunate if you are such a victim.
The U Visa Immigration Lawyer can explain if you are such a victim, The law permits you to apply for legal status in the U.S.

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A U Visa Attorney can explain that it can be ‘related’ to one of those crimes.
Even if you have not been subject to the exact crime, it is still possible to apply for the U Visa.
One of the most difficult parts of applying for the U Visa is getting the necessary certification from a government official.
Without this certification, it would not be possible to apply for the U Visa.
The U Visa Immigration Lawyer will explain that the certification basically explains that you were in fact a victim of the crime, that you assisted and cooperated with the government in regards to this crime and that you will continue to help should it be necessary.

The U Visa Attorney states that the U Visa is actually a temporary visa for 3 years. However, if you get the temporary U Visa for 3 years, you can them apply for permanent residency.

u-visa benefits

U Visa Immigration Lawyer states that you can waive former deportation orders, multiple illegal re-entries, aggravated felonies as well as other crimes and even claiming to be a U.S. Citizenship.
In that case, the U Visa (if you qualify) would be the better option.

The U Visa Immigration Lawyer would go on to explain that In addition to the ability to waive items that are not possible in other areas of immigration law, there is a large net of derivatives that can get U derivative visas if you obtain your visa.



Derivatives are parents, siblings, children and possible other people who could actually apply for the U Visa if the primary applicant has qualified for the U Visa.
This many actually allow people and relatives to get the U Visa and legal status when they would not be able to do it otherwise.

Por supuesto, si habla español, asegúrese de conservar una oficina donde el abogado de inmigración de visa U y su personal hablen español con fluidez.