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S-1 witness material visa

Visa for aliens assisting law enforcement as informants

S-1 Material Witness Is a Good Alternative to the U-1 Visa

The S-1 Visa

“Have you been a victim of Crime? Don’t wait years for the U-1 Visa. Rather, you might qualify for the S-1 Material Witness Visa and get status years earlier. “

— Brian D. Lerner, Immigration Lawyer

You might qualify for the U Visa if not for the S Visa.

S-1 Witness Visa

Basic S-1 Requirements

You have to be in possession of critical reliable information concerning a criminal organization or enterprise.
Next, you are willing to supply or has supplied such information to federal or state law enforcement authorities or a federal or state court; and/or your presence in the United States is essential to the success of an authorized criminal investigation or the successful prosecution of an individual involved in the criminal organization or enterprise.

Getting an S-1 Visa

Family Derivative S-1 Visas

Your family ight qualify to get S Visas as well if you qualify.
Immigration would have to consider it to be appropriate.
If so, then your spouse, married and unmarried sons and daughters, and parents could all qualify for derivative visas.

Requirements for the S-1 Visa

Numerical Limits of S-1 Visa

The number of people who may be provided a visa as nonimmigrants in any fiscal year may not exceed 200.

The visa classifications for such nonimmigrants are S-5 (certain aliens supplying critical information relating to a criminal organization or enterprise) and S-6 (certain aliens supplying critical information relating to terrorism).

S-1 visa
Getting the S-1 Visa

It is not absolutely necessary that the S-1 Visa be issued in the U.S.
It is possible that the Consular Official could also determine qualification

Material Witness Visa

If you have a criminal history and/or are inadmissible under various crimes, you can apply for a Waiver under the S-1 Regulations.

S-1 Visa
Material Witness

You need to get a certification from the proper government official in regards to the S-1 Visa to proceed forward.

S-1 visa

The period of validity of an S-5 or S-6 visa cannot exceed the period indicated in the certification of status and cannot in any case exceed the period of three years.

Getting the Green Card from the S-1 Visa

Only after the S nonimmigrant has completed the terms of their cooperation with law enforcement may they apply for their green card. The green card application is a two-step process—the law enforcement agency that petition the visa holder must first file a record of the applicant’s cooperation before the applicant can file their application for adjustment of status.

S-1 visa

How does one qualify for an S-5 visa?
To qualify for an S-5 visa, the Attorney General must determine that the person

How does one qualify for an S-6 visa?
To qualify for an S-6 visa, both the Attorney General and the Secretary of State must
determine that the person –