B2 Visitor Visa Allowable Activities

Los Angeles B2 Visitor Visa Lawyer

The following are the general activities that are allowable under a B2 Visitor Visa:

Social visit to friends/relatives.

Health purposes.

Participant in conventions of social organizations.

Participant in amateur musical, sports or similar events with no remuneration.

Dependent of U.S. Armed Forces personnel.

Accompanying D or B-1 foreign nationals

Coming to U.S. to marry USC but will depart.

Coming to U.S. to marry nonimmigrant. Must thereafter get spouse’s derivative status.

If eligible for H-4 but inconvenient or impossible to obtain, the spouse or child can enter on B-2.

Non-spouse partner (regardless of gender) that accompanies a principal E, H or L for duration of stay. However, the B-2 must show entitlement to B-2 status in his/her own right, but the primary purpose of the travel must be to accompany his or her significant other. The fact that the cohabiting partner may be living in the U.S. for an extended period is not a bar to B-2 status.

Language students in course of short duration when the course of study is under 18 hours per week.

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