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Home » Supreme court rejects bail hearings for jailed immigrants.

Supreme court rejects bail hearings for jailed immigrants.

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Advocates blast Supreme Court rulings denying bond

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that a federal law does not require immigrants detained for long periods while they are fighting deportation to be granted hearings to decide whether they may be released on bond as their case moves forward.
Seven justices joined Justice Sotomayor’s majority opinion while Justice Breyer issued a partial dissent.
The justices did not consider what the Constitution has to say about extended detentions of immigrants,
Rather they tightly focused on the words of the relevant statute in dispute.
Justice Sotomayor wrote that the federal government is free to provide bond hearings,
But is not required to do so by the statute in question.

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immigration court

Supreme Court Rejects Bail Hearings for Jailed Immigrants

A federal law, the justices ruled, does not require immigration judges to consider whether immigrants may be released while their challenges are pending.