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U.S. Naturalization for Military Personnel

Citizenship Requirements for Military Personnel

Question: I was hoping that a comprehensive immigration reform bill would have been passed?

It may not be as bad as you think.

It had a very harsh enforcement side.
There were provisions in the bill that would have taken away,
Thus, in some part, it was good that it did not pass.
Now, negotiations can go to try to make a fair enforcement,
Side of the bill and fair provisions,
To try to get long term illegal residents the ability to obtain work-permits and residency.

Question: Do you think this will ever happen?

military naturalization

military naturalization

Answer: If there was one very good thing that came out of this whole ordeal,
It was the hundreds of thousands of people across the country who peaceably demonstrated against the unfair immigration laws.
Who are inside the United States and will demonstrate to make their voices heard.
It showed that the United States is the place whereby our economy depends considerably on the immigrants.
These jobs range from ones that do not require education to those that require master degrees and higher.
It is the United States that has welcomed all of the immigrants,
And it is the United States that is a land where you can drive down,
A block and see restaurants from nationalities and businesses all over the world.
While we as a country may be having problems,
We are still a country of liberty and freedom and economic power. This is what drives the immigrants to come to the U.S.
The lawmakers have seen the power of the immigrants all across the U.S.
And they know that a portion of their voters will certainly agree with the immigrants and what they stand for.
The lawmakers cannot ignore this.
Therefore, I believe that at some point, we will see a comprehensive immigration bill and until that point,
We will fight all of the unfair laws one case and one battle at a time.
As long as there are immigrants coming to the U.S.
And lawyers willing to fight for their rights, there is always hope.
Any laws passed by Congress will not be the final word on what an immigrant can or cannot do.
If it is unfair and unconstitutional, you can be assured that it will be challenged in Court.

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