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Migrant rescues along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Border Patrol sees uptick in migrant rescues

First responders have been preparing for the worst as waters of the canal have been posing a unique danger due to the high water levels and fast-moving current.
Authorities reported that there have been eight deaths in the span of one week.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection 
said “The canalas are deeper than they appear and often have a significant water current and undertow this time of year as water is released from reservoirs upstream for irrigation purposes.”
CBP urged migrants not to take the risk, warning people of the oppressive desert heat and the dangerous waters.
Since October, there have been more than 14,000 searches and rescues along the U.S. southern border



Migrant rescues along US-Mexico border climb amid sweltering heat and high water levels

Authorities say there have been eight deaths here in the span of a week, a grim outlook for the summer as migrants head to the border in extreme conditions.