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Is New Immigration Reform Coming?

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Immigration reform needs a new strategy 

Immigration Reform: Is it really coming?

Question: I have heard that there is going to be immigration reform. Can you shed some light on the subject and what we might expect?

Answer: Conservatives have tended to oppose immigration reform and amnesty for undocumented workers.
Prominent Republicans, however, have recently come out in support of massive immigration overhauls.

The immigration reform tide turned once and for all on Nov. 6, 2012. The elections produced a mandate for immigration reform and now it is time to act.
Although the anti-immigrant movement has always been loud … their influence today is much diminished.
Meanwhile, the power of the immigration reform movement is growing every day in depth and breadth.
Many Republicans are beginning to question the sources for their information on the economic and social impacts of immigration.

Question: What can we do to help?

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Answer: At this point since the ball is finally rolling after the draconian 1996 Anti-Immigration bill , it is time to let your representatives know you support immigration reform and to keep the pressure on to move forward.
Call, e-mail, write and speak out.
You can do it tactfully and methodically, but the more the congressional representatives know that their constituents are behind them with immigration reform, the more likely we will have a new and complete comprehensive immigration reform bill