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Is Immigration Reform Bill Coming?

Immigration reform needs a new strategy

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Is Immigration Reform Actually Here?

Question: I heard that immigration reform is coming.
Is this true?

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Answer: As a framework for reform, this is closer than we’ve come in years to meaningful change.
The Senate “Gang of Eight” for introducing its bipartisan immigration reform proposal, allowing the Senate Judiciary Committee to forge ahead on the “markup” process.
A proposal like this is a necessary first step in any path forward to create a common-sense immigration system that will meet the needs of the U.S. economy, businesses, and families, and integrate into our society aspiring Americans who work hard and want only a better life for themselves and their families.
Therefore, it is not law, but it is a great step forward.

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Question: Is it a comprehensive immigration bill?

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Answer: It seems to be both enforcement and benefit.
It is the biggest immigration bill to come out in nearly 20 years.
In fact, the last big immigration bill was severely anti-immigrant.
There was almost nothing to benefit immigrants.
This one seems much more balanced.
In many ways, the language contained in the 844 page legislation reflects key issues facing immigrants today and is necessary to any successful immigration reform, such as border and interior enforcement, legalization, backlog reduction, asylum, family unification, and both current and future business needs.

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Question: Is this immigration bill the perfect solution for the broken immigration system?


Answer: No compromise measure ever is. Is it a good bill? Yes, for the most part it is, and perhaps it is even a great bill in some respects.
We do see some further changes that are desirable, and as we delve more deeply into the details, I’m sure we’ll find some needed tweaks.
But as a framework for reform, this is closer than we’ve come in years to meaningful change.
This bill does not shy away from addressing the difficult issues embedded in current immigration policy.
It’s a good start, and I hope that by continuing to work across the aisle, the Senate can pass a bill that will meet our nation’s needs and the House will follow suit.

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Question: What do you think finally prompted Congress to make this immigration bill?


Answer: It was a myriad of things and events.
However, the past election again of President Obama seems to have finally been the catalyst to move this procedure forward.