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Multinational Manager and Executive Visa

Multinational Manager Visa

US visa for multinational executives and managers and outstanding and extraordinary people

multinational visa

This type of visa will allow you to obtain the Green Card for you, your spouse and your unmarried children under 21 years old.
If you have worked as a manager in a U.S. company and a foreign company which are related, you can quickly obtain your green card as a Multinational Manager.
This visa allows you to obtain your green card in a very short time period.
People who come to the United States on L-1 visas can usually apply for this type of visa for the Green Card.
It does not require a large amount of investment and is not a conditional when the Green Card is issued.
If you qualify, it is one of the best types of visas to obtain.

multinational visa

Managers of multinational companies are highly valued in the United States, and therefore, are given special preference.
Therefore, unlike many other types of visas that take years to obtain, this one is given special priority.