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I Don’t Qualify for any Visa

How to read the visa bulletin by priority date, Apply for a U.S. visa

Question: I do not seem to qualify for any type of visa. I have a company ready to help, but we seem to be at a point where I cannot go any further.
Can you help?

Answer: There is a visa known as the J Visa which many times neither the trainee, nor the host company knows of its existence.

Question: What type of fields are permitted with the J Visa?

Answer: There are numerous fields.
However, some of the more popular ones include Law, Advocacy, Public Administration,Communications, Journalism,Broadcasting, Publishing, Information Media, Web Design, E-Commerce, Computer Science, Architecture, Engineering, Environmental Protection, Finance, Mathematics, Auditing, The Sciences, Skilled Industrial Occupations, Commerce, Import/Export, Strategic Planning Management, Marketing, Accounting, Business, and Software Development.

Question: What qualifications are needed by the prospective trainee?

Answer: The International Trainee is eligible if he or she:
A) Has prior education or experience (or a combination of both) of not less than two (2) years directly relating to the proposed training program.
B) Has not previously completed a J-1 Exchange Visitor Training Program.
C) Is not currently receiving training in the United States in an F-1, J-1 or H-3 visa status.
D) Has not previously completed work or training that would be duplicative of the proposed J-1 training;
E) Has at least conversational English-speaking skills so as to be able to fully benefit from the training and cultural opportunities in the United States.
F) Is at least twenty-one years of age.
G) Can demonstrate how the training will be used upon return to the home country.
H) Can demonstrate the intent to return to the home country and
I) Will apply for the J-1 visa in the home country.

J visa

Question: How about the host companies qualifications?

Answer: The Host Company is eligible if it:
A) Has been in business at least 24 months.
B) Will adequately remunerate the J-1 Exchange Visitor Trainee.
C) Has established a bona fide training program.
D) Will not engage the J-1 Exchange Visitor Trainee in ordinary employment.
E) Has at least ten (10) employees and has sufficient annual revenues to support a trainee program.
F) Has less than 10% of its of its total staff members, regardless of whether trainees, interns or in permanent staff positions, and regardless of how such staff are compensated (from stipend, grant or direct company payroll), in a J-1 Exchange.
Thus, if this particular type of visa will work, you should not give up and should apply for the J Visa.