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I-360 wins “Special Immigrant” or VAWA green card


I-360 wins

I-360 wins. No physical abuse but mental and psychological abuse, including names and threats of deportation. U.S. immigration Form I-360 (Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant) includes a specific category for widows and widowers who are seeking immigration benefits in the United States. An approved Form I-360 provides immigrant classification so that you and your derivative beneficiaries may be eligible to apply for lawful permanent residence (obtain a Green Card. After USCIS approves your I-360, you can begin to prepare your application to adjust your status (receive a green card). You must have an approved Form I-360 in order to qualify for a Green Card. If you are a widow or widower of a U.S. citizen spouse, you may be eligible to file Form I-360. You’ll also need to file your immigrant petition within less than two years after their death.

I-360 Wins