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How to begin Preparation for an E-2 visa

Your complete guide to the E-2 visa frequently asked questions

  1. Make sure you are from a Treaty-Investor Country.
    The U.S. has treaties with many different countries around the world.
    If there is no treaty with the country that you are born in,
    Then it will not qualify for an E-2 Visa.
  2. Make sure you have enough money to invest.
    There is no set number.
    The general guideline is that you want to have around $100,000 to invest in your own company in the U.S.
  3. Make sure you will manage the company.
  4. You need to make certain that you will manage the company in a supervisory,
    Or managerial capacity and not as a line type worker.
  5. Make sure you are in status If you are inside the U.S.
    and will be doing a change of status,
    You will want to make sure that you are in legal status and have not violated your status in anyway.
    Otherwise, you might not be able to change your status to E-2.
  6. Keep all of your receipts and contracts Once you would get the E-2,
    You need to make sure that you keep all of the receipts, and contracts so that when it becomes time to renew the E-2,
    You are able to provide the necessary proof.
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