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Hire experienced immigration lawyer to get E2 visa in california

E-2 visa

E2 visa for investors and employees

The E-2 is a complicated U.S. Visa Petition and requires years of experience by an E2 Visa Lawyer to do it properly.
There are many issues that must be dealt with and argued in the petition itself such as marginality, substantiality, ownership, managerial vs. executive, tracing of funds, etc.
In reality, explains an E2 Visa Lawyer,
Only an E2 Visa Attorney with years of experience can properly prepare and do the E-2.
Otherwise, it will most likely be denied.
The E2 Visa Attorney will prepare legal brief and make the E-2 Presentation so it is persuasive and convincing.
Simply having the money to invest is only the start explains the E2 Visa Lawyer.
Normally, an experienced E2 Visa Attorney,
Has been doing these petitions for years and the procedures for the briefs, incorporation, and complex business plan are in place and will be done correctly,
Efficiently and with the highest chance of success.

The E2 Visa Attorney states that it can also be submitted to U.S. Immigration for a change of status.
However, keep in mind that with a change of status,
You cannot keep that status when you leave the U.S.
It is normally preferable to send the package directly to the U.S. Consulate or U.S.
Embassy for adjudication.
The E2 Visa Attorney will explain to you that most E-2 clients have needs to go back to their home country,
And because of that,
The visa is preferred over the change of status.

In any event, be sure to ask the E2 Visa Lawyer what questions and concerns that you have regarding the E-2 Petition.
You do not want to engage on this venture and not have your questions answered.
In reality, explains the E2 Visa Attorney,
Some people think they can simply put in $20,000 to $30,000 in the business and the rest of the money in a bank account.
However, this is not the case explains the E2 Visa Attorney.
In fact, there should be at least $60,000 to $70,000 actual investment and then the balance can go into the savings account.
he E2 Visa Lawyer explains that the E-2 is the best type of visa for the entrepreneur to come into the U.S.

e-2 visa

Another issue, explains the E2 Visa Lawyer is that many people think they can only get the E-2 for a single type of business.
In fact, the E2 Visa Lawyer states people come into the office not knowing which of their dreams to follow.
However, the reality is that they can do both.
There is nothing in the regulations,
Explains the E2 Visa Attorney that state that you must only do one type of business.
You can open up a Restaurant and contract you consulting services out or do movie making.
There is no limit to the types of businesses that an E-2 will allow and the number of different branches of your office that can be done in a typical E-2 Petition.
This is all the more reason to make sure that you have a very qualified E2 Visa Attorney 
Who will prepare what is needed to get you to meet your dreams and your aspirations to make it big in the U.S.
Just make sure, explains the E2 Visa Lawyer that you do not go for the least expensive E2 Visa Attorney.
Rather, get an E2 Visa Attorney who is experienced and really knows what they are doing.