Have money for a business? Get the EB-5 from an EB-5 Attorney Los Angeles

EB-5 Attorney Los AngelesAn EB-5 attorney Los Angeles is imperative if you want to obtain an EB-5 Visa. Brian D. Lerner states that it is imperative that you want to obtain the EB-5 to get an EB-5 attorney Los Angeles. Otherwise, it might very well be denied. You have to realize that the USCIS worker could care less if you invest $500,000 or $1,000,000 if it is not properly prepared and does not meet the regulations and requirements in order to get approved for the EB-5.

The EB-5 attorney Los Angeles should describe to you what is an EB-5 Visa and how it works and what you are supposed to do in order to have a good chance at getting the visa. Brian D. Lerner states that there are different types of EB-5. An EB-5 Visa is a type of visa that allows a successful businessperson or one who has inherited and been gifted substantial sums of money to be able to come to the United States by investing in their own business (Direct Investing), or by investing in a Regional Center. Of course, the EB-5 attorney Los Angeles will let you know what is the difference between a Regional Center and Direct Investment.

Watch Brian D. Lerner EB-5 attorney Los Angeles speak on EB-5 Regional Centers

Brian Lerner, EB-5 attorney Los Angeles explains that if you choose the Regional Center option, there are currently nearly 500 approved Regional Centers in the United States. Additionally, the EB-5 attorney Los Angeles states that if you would like to start and get approved your own Regional Center, that it can be prepared the application and all supporting paperwork should be submitted. It should be noted, explains Brian D. Lerner, EB-5 attorney Los Angeles that an attorney cannot and should not recommend a Regional Center for you to invest in with your funds. This is because it is your $500,000 and not anyone elses. You must make the proper investigation as to which Regional Center you want to invest and which Regional Center you believe will best suit your investment needs. The EB-5 attorney Los Angeles makes clear that you might lose your investment and/or not get a significant portion of the investment back. The Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner make clear that while you might get the investments for the Regional Center back, it is important to realize that the investment must be actively invested until AFTER the Petition to Remove the Conditional Residency of the approved EB-5 Petition is approved. This might actually take many years depending what country you are from and whether there is a backlog of EB-5 investments.

EB-5 Attorney Los AngelesHowever, the EB-5 attorney Los Angeles can give you a list of Regional Centers which have the most approved I-526 applications and most approved I-829 applications. Additionally, the EB-5 attorney Los Angeles can give you a list of Regional Centers in a particular area of the United States that you might be interested in investing. Keep in mind, explains Brian D. Lerner EB- 5 attorney Los Angeles, that you do not have to physically be where the Regional Center is located. In fact, you do not have to manage or run the day to day operations of the Regional Center. The EB-5 attorney Los Angeles will explain that you do not even need to stay permanently in the United States if the EB-5 is approved based upon the Regional Center investment. These days there are large corporations getting into the EB-5 Regional Center game. Many skyscrapers and luxury buildings are 100% financed through EB-5 investment explains Brian D. Lerner. Thuys, the EB-5 program is doing what it was envisioned to do. It is creating jobs, infrastructure and helping the U.S. economy. On your side, explains the EB-5 attorney Los Angeles, you are getting the Green Card and able to bring your spouse and unmarried children under 21 into the U.S. Your children can get educated in the U.S. and you will have the ability to live here.

In regards to the Regional Centers, the EB-5 attorney Los Angeles explains that you should do your due diligence when deciding which Regional Center to invest your money. You might want to visit the actual site where the Regional Center will be located, and speak with the representative. Of course, Brian D. Lerner EB-5 attorney Los Angeles makes clear that when you do speak with the representative, all the numbers will be positive and you will get a very ‘cheery’ assessment of the project. Of course, the Regional Center wants your investment. Thus, the EB-5 attorney Los Angeles makes it clear that it is possible for you to actually hire an independent firm whose sole purpose is to analyze all the numbers of the Regional Center and to provide various economic models of the Regional Centers so that you will have an unbiased account of the Regional Center itself and so that you can make an informed decision. In fact, the EB-5 attorney Los Angeles explains that most of these types of firms will analyze 3-5 Regional Centers for only a few thousand dollars. Considering you will be investing $500,000, it is a good investment to make to ensure you are comfortable with the Regional Center you will be investing. Brian D. Lerner can recommend some firms for you in which to do this analysis. Thus, by time you get to the actual investment stage, you will be very comfortable with your investment.

EB-5 Attorney Los AngelesThe Regional Center is actually a ‘pilot program’ of the EB-5 explains Brian D. Lerner EB-5 attorney Los Angeles. It is therefore necessary that Congress either make the Regional Center a permanent part of the EB-5 program or extend the pilot program. The EB-5 attorney Los Angeles states that if nothing is done by Congress that the Regional Center pilot program will simply lapse. However, considering the entire investment by foreign EB-5 nationals into the Regional Centers is in the billions of dollars, it would be well advised for Congress to act and extend the Regional Center pilot program or to make it permanent. Either way, be sure that when you decide that you will be investing in a Regional Center and going forward with the EB-5, that you hire an experienced EB-5 attorney Los Angeles.