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Got $1,000,000 do a direct investment for the green card with an EB-5 attorney

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An EB-5 attorney is able to help you with your EB-5 Investment Visa in order to obtain the Green Card through a direct investment EB-5 Investment Visa. Brian D. Lerner explains that a direct investment is where you purchase either a company in existence or one that you will make from scratch. However, either way, the EB-5 attorney will explain that it is where you take primary responsibility for running the company.
You will not be able to sit on the sidelines while the business simply rakes in the money. The EB-5 attorney must explain to you that a direct investment also means direct involvement with the company.

EB-5 Investment Program

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Watch Brian D. Lerner, EB-5 Attorney explain about the EB-5 Program

The EB-5 attorney will make clear that this is when you actually invest in your own business in the United States. You could purchase a business already in operation, or you could invest in a brand new company.
Either way, explains Brian D. Lerner, the normal investment will be US$1,000,000, unless you can show you are in a targeted area.

The EB-5 attorney should let you know that many of my EB-5 clients prefer this route because they want to run their own businesses and they want to expand operations into the U.S. This would be the best option for those types of investors declares the EB-5 Attorney.

EB-5 Investment

EB-5 Investment

In effect, the EB-5 attorney puts forward a win/win situation. Thus, if you do this right states Brian D. Lerner, EB-5 attorney, it would work out for all involved. Just be sure you hire an experienced EB-5 attorney.

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