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Generalized requirements on the EB-5 investment visa

eb-5 visa

EB-5 immigrant investor program about the EB-5 visa classification

Employment-based visas,
In a number not to exceed 7.1% of the worldwide level,
To qualified immigrants seeking to enter the United States,
For the purpose in a new commercial act,
(including a limited partnership):
(1) In which the alien has fund (after November 29, 1990,
The date of passing of the Immigration Act of 1990),
Or in the process of finance,
Capital in an amount as list by law, and
(2) Which will benefit the United States economy
and create full-time profession permanent local aliens,
Investors are not subject to the labor certification requirements of INA § 212(a)(5)(A) [8 USCA § 1182(a)(5)(A)].
The term “full-time employment” means profession in a position,
An alien is ordered as a fifth preference employment,
Creation migrant if the valid officer has received from the USCIS an approved petition to accord such status,
Or official notice of such an agreement,
Alien business person must submit appeal to the USCIS Center,
Having jurisdiction over the area,
In which the commercial act is doing business.


Investor Visa

Who invest in a new commercial act
Which will create profession in a targeted employment area known as the EB-5 Investment Visa.
“Targeted profession area” means,
At the time of the investment,
Or within the outer border of any city
Or town having a population of 20,000 or more, based on the most recent decimal census of the United States.

The Attorney General, in discussion with the Secretary of Labor and the Secretary of State,
The Secretary of Homeland Security may specify
The amount above for the EB-5 Investment Visa.
That at the time of the investment is not a targeted employment area and,
The Secretary of Homeland Security may specify,

To the United States in conditional immigrant status for two years.
After two years,
The lender and his or her family must appeal for the removal of the condition within a 90-day period,