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VAWA Attorney

Violence against women act definition & history

VAWA Attorney

VAWA Attorney in Los Angeles

A VAWA Attorney
will be able to let you know if you qualify for the battered spouse petition.
Many spouses (especially wives of U.S. Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents) allow themselves to be continually beaten by their husbands. They fear if they say anything they will be deported.
Be sure to contact our office and our VAWA Lawyer will give you a free consultation.

VAWA Attorney

An immigration law firm that specializes in battered spouse petitions is necessary to give the best chance of success.
Not just any immigration lawyer,
But one that knows how to put together a VAWA application is needed.
Abuse can be physical or mental or both.
One should ask “What is the best immigration lawyer near me?” in order to at least try to find such an immigration attorney specializing in VAWA applications.

VAWA Attorney

The VAWA Attorney makes clear that you do not have to continue with the abusive relationship.
Explains the battered spouse petition,
There is an option.

Violence against Women's Act

You can file a petition under VAWA
(Violence against Women’s Act) known as the battered spouse petition.
Keep in mind that VAWA Cancellation can be applied for in Immigration Court.
In that case, you have to ask “what is the best deportation lawyer near me?” Either way,
Our immigration law firm can help you.

battered spouse attorney

The battered spouse petition has several different items that must be submitted.
The battered spouse attorney will explain that first there must be a legitimate marriage and that the marriage must be bonafide.
A VAWA Attorney makes clear that it must be a real marriage and one because of love.
It must not be for the Green Card.

battered spouse attorney

Additionally, The battered spouse attorney
Will explain that the actual marriage must be under the law,
Not a common law marriage.
In addition to the following,
The VAWA Attorney would explain that you should always get a psychological report.
This will show the pain and suffering which you have endured.

VAWA Attorney

Thus, You will need to obtain the services of the psychologist and go in significant detail about everything that has happened.
The VAWA Attorney will let you know that it will be painful to go over all the details.
You will need to recount the incidents that have occurred in the past.

VAWA Attorney

Another part of the battered spouse petition is the declaration.
The VAWA Attorney will give you a detailed interview and will prepare a declaration on your situation which you will have to sign.
It will go into great deal,
Explains the VAWA Attorney.
It will explain all the times you were physically beat.
It will also show all the times you had to go to the hospital.

Violence Against women

The battered spouse attorney will further prepare put in times and places and dates to make the declaration credible and believable. Without detail,
And without specifics,
The battered spouse attorney cannot make a coherent argument.
Without honesty and without reliving the past,
It is unlikely to get approved.

Must there be physical abuse only to apply for VAWA?

No. It can be mental abuse as well and/or a combination.

Will my spouse know I am filing this VAWA Application?

No. Additionally, there is nothing you need from your spouse to get it filed.

Do I have to stay married to my spouse?

No. You can move out and get divorced and still file this petition.

VAWA case

The VAWA Attorney explains that you do not only need to show physical abuse.
It is possible to show only severe emotional abuse as well.
In this case,
There does not need to be physical abuse and the battered spouse attorney may be able to prove only severe emotional abuse.
This must be shown in order to get this petition approved.
Many times,
If prepared correctly,
The battered spouse attorney may be able to show you will prevail on this petition.
This can be done even if you are the husband.
If it is the husband who is filing this petition,
He could certainly show financial threats and deportation threats and a variety of other threats that could lead to showing severe emotional abuse.
Our Visa Lawyers will prepare the entire petition to give you a better chance of success.