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EOIR cancels five policy memos

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EOIR rescinds five OPPMs deemed outdated

EOIR Cancels Five Policy Memos, Policy Memo (PM) 21-09 setting policy and procedures for asylum, withholding, and CAT protection; PM 20-04 on the implementation of asylum cooperative agreements; PM 19-12 on guidelines for adjudicating asylum and protection claims; PM 19-02 on guidelines regarding new regulations governing asylum and protection claims; and PM 19-03 on guidelines regarding the presidential proclamation addressing mass migration through the southern border of the United States. Included among the OPPM rescinded is OPPM 06-05, Asylum Grants Based on Coercive Population Control Methods, which (1) required EOIR to track asylum grants based on coercive population control (CPC) claims, (2) instructed IJs to determine if asylum applications raised CPC claims; and (3) for asylum applications brought by Chinese citizens, instructed IJs to ask respondents if their application involved a CPC claim and note this on the IJ worksheet. The EOIR Cancels Five Policy Memos implementing a new case follow processing policy for non-detained cases where alien has representation.

EOIR Cancels Five Policy Memos