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EOIR announces 22 new immigration judges

New immigration judges are more of the same

EOIR announced the appointment of 22 new immigration judges by Attorney General Merrick Garland, including five Unit Chief Immigration Judges. Biographical information has been provided for each of them. They recognizes the many benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce, and is looking for qualified candidates from all backgrounds to join our team. After a thorough application process EOIR Announces 22 New Immigration Judges, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland appointed Steven V. Adler, Andrew J. Glass, Jennifer E. Piateski, Zol D. Rainey, Luisa Santiago, Alicia D. Brooks, Sarah E. Cade, Matthew C. Chan, Carol A. Crawford, Andrew J. Fishkin, Kevin P. Guillory, Sarah L. Hartnett, Karen Y. Hope, Jonathan C. Huang, Erica R. Hughes, Alison M. Igoe, Brandon J. Josephsen, Adam M. Jovanovic, Anita Van McFadden, Irma J. Newburn, Charles M. Ouslander, and Kathleen M. Reilly to their new positions. Immigration Judge are appointed by the Attorney General of the United States to preside over immigration hearings. An immigration judge decides cases of aliens in various types of removal proceedings.

An immigration judge, formerly known as a special inquiry officer, is an employee of the United States Department of Justice.

EOIR Announces 22 New Immigration Judges