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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Illegal Possession of Firearm

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Supreme court sides with migrant in gun possession case

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The carrying of weapons,
Is control by the states.
The laws regarding carrying weapons have been changing rapidly over the past ten years.
As of 2016, Most states grant licenses to carry guns on a Shall-Issue basis.
A few states leave the distribution of carry permits to the caution of issuing authorities,
Eleven states allow the carrying of guns in a manner without a permit
Twenty-six states allow for carrying guns without a permit
Twenty states require a permit and four states plus Washington D.C.
Ban open carry of guns.

In 2008, In District of Columbia v. Heller,
The Supreme Court held that the right to bear arms was an individual right.
In 2010, In McDonald v. Chicago,
The Supreme Court expand the Heller ruling to the states.
In 2012,
In Illinois, Moore v. Madigan sought to cancel the state’s ban on carrying hide weapons.
The district court dismissed the case,
Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the ban on carrying guns as criminals

Gun Law

Gun Law

As of 2015,
In Peruta v. San Diego County,
The court said that the state’s strict may issue” rules were unjust and greatly reduced their reach.
Which involve open carry as naturally protected,

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