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Get the Best Deportation Lawyers in Los Angeles

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Best deportation lawyer Los Angeles might be able to determine if you qualify for the DREAM Act or Deferred Action. Brian D. Lerner explains that even if you have a deportation or removal order, it is possible to apply for DACA. Thus, what exactly is DACA? The best lawyers Los Angeles will be able to explain exactly what this is and whether you qualify.

Deportation Lawyer

Deportation Lawyer

Brian D. Lerner says you should keep in mind a few advisals (which the best Los Angeles deportation lawyers should be well aware of if they experienced in Immigration Law):
1. If President Obama is not re-elected, this form of Deferred Action may be denied and/or revoked;
2. There are no derivative beneficiaries that can apply for this type of Deferred Action.
3. If your DREAM Act Deferred Action is denied, there is always the risk that you will be placed into Removal Proceedings cautions Brian Lerner. However, the option for you to submit the Request for Prosecutorial Discretion is also open.