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Afghans work their way through U.S. immigration system

U.S. Immigration System

Straight path to legal permanent residence for Afghan

It has been over a year since the U.S. Immigration System withdrew from Afghanistan.
Since then,
There have been tens of thousands of Afghan families that have resettled in the U.S. through different immigration pathways.
Some will be able to have permanent residence in the U.S.
While others only have permission to be in the country for a short period without a chance for a more permanent status unless they apply for asylum or Congress passes legislation to change their status.
Those who have temporary status hope to stay in the U.S.
Through the Afghan Adjustment Act which is drafted legislation that would give Afghan evacuees with temporary status a pathway to permanent U.S. residence,
But this measure has not yet come up for a vote.

U.S. Immigration System
U.S. Immigration System

Tens of Thousands of Afghans Work Their Way Through US Immigration System Since evacuation of Kabul,
US has resettled more than 88,500 Afghans