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Afghan families start U.S. resettlement

U.S. to revise Afghan resettlement policy

After the Biden administration evacuated more than 70,000 Afghans last year from Afghanistan, the administration began setting up processing hubs to help begin the resettlement process for the evacuees. The last processing hub closed in February. Since then Afghans arriving to the U.S. through parole have been housed at the National Conference Center located in Virginia. The complex has received approximately 4,3000 Afghans since it was opened. The facility is similar to a small town and provides a mosque, library, reception desk, information center, areas for sports, and a medical clinic. There are also English classes, cultural training and technology assistance available for Afghans.

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Afghan families start U.S. resettlement process at repurposed conference center after traumatic ordeals
The National Conference Center in northern Virginia is currently housing 657 Afghan evacuees selected for U.S. resettlement, including 216 children, according to DHS data.