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Immigration Lawyers can Help with your Immigration Needs

Representing clients in immigration courts

The Los Angeles Immigration Attorney is critical to obtain if you have an immigration problem and want to get it resolved.
Are you finding yourself in a position whereby you have tons of  Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys to choose to help you and you cannot decide which one should be the best one for you.
Well, you want to look at their background.
Get the name of the Los Angeles Immigration Attorney and check the California State Bar explains Brian D. Lerner.
See if their are any complaints or proceedings against the Los Angeles Immigration Attorney.
Next, look at the experience of the Los Angeles Immigration Attorney.
Is he or she a certified specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law as certified by the California State Bar, Board of Legal Specialization?
This means that this particular Los Angeles Immigration Attorney has passed a very rigorous  exam, and continuing education  and peer review among other matters.
It also means that attorney is passionate about immigration law and it most likely is all that the immigration attorney does.
Thus, if you find a Los Angeles Immigration Attorney who might also do personal injury, general contract law, or matters not relating to immigration law, you might want to look elsewhere.

The Los Angeles Immigration Attorney can do a variety of matters under immigration law.
For example, The Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner, APC, Explains that if you are outside the United States, But want to come to the United States to start a business, The Los Angeles Immigration Attorney might suggest the E-2 Visa petition for you.
An E-2 Visa is one of the nicest working visas as it allows you to run your own business and be an entrepreneur.
While it periodically needs to be renewed, you can stay here in the U.S. as long as you like on the E-2. Normally, This type of E-2 Visa would require and investment around $100,000 U.S.
To successfully process.
The more capital investment that is required for the business,
The higher the investment.
Additionally, Your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old can come as beneficiaries to your approved E-2.
Your children will be able to go to school in the U.S.
Without having to get a separate student visa (as long as they are not in college.)
The spouse will be permitted to apply for a work permit to work anywhere in the United States. 
Of course, The Los Angeles Immigration Attorney might also suggest the E-1 Treaty Trader or the L-1 Intracompany Transferee Visa.
Watch the video on the Los Angeles Immigration Attorney

Brian Lerner, A Los Angeles Immigration Attorney might also suggest several different ways for you to obtain residency in the U.S. Such as the PERM process or the advanced PERM process if you have an advanced degree.
Depend on your experience, the Los Angeles Immigration Attorney might also be able to see if you qualify for the EB-1 Extraordinary Alien Petition or the EB-1(c) Multinational Manager Petition.
If you are a successful business person or inherited a significant amount of money,
The Los Angeles Immigration Attorney might also be able to suggest the EB-5 Investor Visa Petition.

Additionally, Many times you will have hearings you must attend such as the adjustment of status hearing, naturalization hearings, Follow-up hearings in deportation, Secondary inspection hearings with ICE and others.
You can many times have your attorney present with you at the hearings. While this does not guarantee success,
It does allow for a much higher chance of success and does not let the immigration officer start asking questions he or she is not supposed to ask.
For example, A Los Angeles Immigration Attorney can request a supervisor if the adjudicating officer had simply requested information that is not appropriate or is not within the scope of what the officer is supposed to ask.
Brian D. Lerner, the Los Angeles Deportation Attorney can communicate directly with an adjudications officer on your behalf or negotiate directly with Trial Counsel on a variety of other matters that you might have in front of U.S. Immigration,
The Department of State, the National Visa Center or a variety of other matters.

Keep in mind that it is not just affirmative applications that the Los Angeles Immigration Attorney
Can prepare, But can also represent you in I-9 audit proceedings, Or Removal and Deportation Hearings, Or appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals or Petitions for Review to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, Or a Writ of Certiorari to the U.S Supreme Court.
The Los Angeles Immigration Attorney, Brian D. Lerner states that the attorney can also do Motions to Suppress evidence, Motions to Reopen, Motions to Terminate, Motions to Advance the Calendar among many other types of motions.

Immigration Law has thousands of regulations and procedures as explained by Brian D. Lerner.
The Los Angeles Immigration Attorney you choose should be well respected and qualified to handle your matter.
Most of the time,
You will be given a free consultation to determine what is the situation, How he or she can help and what will be the costs.
Clearly, you do not want to just ‘price shop’.
You will always find lawyers who do not specialize in immigration law or do not have much experience in immigration law, and will end up messing up your case,
Or putting you in a worse position than you would have been in had you gone to a qualified Los Angeles Immigration Attorney who has years of experience and thousands of cases behind them. 
A qualified and experienced Los Angeles Immigration Attorney is very important to the success of your case.

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