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A frank Interview with Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer, Brian D. Lerner

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Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles An interview with Brian D. Lerner who is a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer.

Question: howdy Mr. Lerner, I’m happy that we could have this interview.
How long have you been a LA Immigration Lawyer?

Answer: I’ve been a L. A. Immigration lawyer for many years. In fact, I was licensed in 1992.
Many years I passed a rigorous exam and intensive experience requirements by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization.
While I am a LA Immigration lawyer, I could be a licensed specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law for the entire State of California. Additionally, I’ve been admitted to Circuit Courts of Appeal all over the united states and can help folks anywhere in the US.

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Question: As a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer, what kinds of cases do you take?

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Answer: I can handle the hardest of immigration cases arising from business visas, work authorizes, Green Cards, non-immigrant visas, deportation, citizenship, appeals and all other areas of immigration. Generally, if the case is straightforward, it doesn’t come into my office. However , I help all ranges of folk in need as a L. A. Immigration lawyer.
I help the individual that must do a marriage petition, to the person in deportation, to the person who needs a Waiver of Inadmissibility to the person who needs to get the Green Card from employment. Additionally, because the time for the H-1B’s to be filed is approaching,
I am also an H-1B Immigration Attorney who can get H-1B’s prepared quickly and efficiently.
I also help many individuals in deportation or removal proceedings. Many times these folks have led productive lives except for a mistake many years ago and now they are having to pay the cost.
There is no reason to give up.
There are many ways of fighting a deportation case so as not to be deported for the rest of their lives in some cases.
We will be able to do criminal relief and return to Criminal Court to vacate and/or vacate the crime so that specific person isn’t an aggravated felon.
In addition, there are different types of relief in Immigration Court such as adjustment of standing, Cancellation of removal for lawful permanent residents, Cancellation of removal for non-permanent residents, Political asylum, Convention against torture, Withholding of removal, Termination of the case, Naturalization amongst others.
We can also try to argue the official language of the conviction does not rise to the level claimed by immigration.
All I am able to say is ‘don’t give up’.
We will fight for you.

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Question: As an Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles,
Did you get your education in California?

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Answer: Yes, i received my B.S. Degree in Business Administration, With importance on PC information Systems, from the college of Southern California.
I then graduated from the university of the Pacific, McGeorge school of Law with a Juris Doctorate degree.
I’ve always practiced in California and have clients all over the State of California.
However , As a Los Angeles Immigration counsel, My offices have always been in the L. A. Area.


Question: Are you admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court?


Answer: Yes, I’m admitted to the united states Supreme Court, The California Supreme Court and the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, Third, 2nd and 1st Circuits.
This implies that even though I am a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer,
I am able to prepare and file all Circuit Court of Appeals and U.S.
Supreme court cases in the majority of the US As for all immigration matters at the Immigration Courts, USCIS, BICE, BCBP, BALCA, Dept of work, And the Board of Immigration Appeals.
My firm can prepare all matters in each state in the US, Puerto Rico and Guam.
As a Los Angeles Immigration counsel, I have traveled all over the united states to help folks with their immigration needs.

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Question: What do you have got to say in conclusion as an Immigration Lawyer in Los Angeles?

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Answer: I’ll handle the hardest of deportation cases as well as any appeal, Petition for Review or Motion to Reopen case.
I am frequently present in immigration court, Representing people in deportation, Removal, Waiver asylum, Withholding of removal and adjustment of status hearings.
I have prepared numerous appellate briefs to the Board of Immigration Appeals and other appellate boards at the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.
He has appealed and argued cases in the Circuit Court of Appeals all over the United States.
I have prepared business visas for individuals from all around the world. Our firm has clients from practically each continent on Earth.
My visa experience extends to Treaty Traders, Treaty backers, Intercompany Transferees, Speciality Occupations, Coaching programs, and NAFTA visas.
I have extensive experience in nearly all other sorts of visas issued. Additionally to all of those items while I have been an Immigration lawyer in L. A. , I have prepared enterprise Manager, Countrywide Interest Waiver and Extraordinary Alien petitions for highly qualified foreigners.
My clients are from all over the U. S. and many states around the world. Immigration Law is Fed. Law.
Although I am a L. A. Immigration Lawyer, A petition or application would be prepared the same in Texas, Florida, or any other State as it might in California.
It is more critical for you to be sure that you have an expert solicitor in Immigration Law prepare your case, instead of a barrister who turns out to be local.
There is too much at stake to just give your case to anyone.
As an Immigration attorney, I am going to fight for you and your folks. Since I am married to an immigrant himself, I am committed to helping folks from all around the world to come to the U.S. to realize their dream.

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Question: Thank you very much Mr. Lerner for taking the time to give us this interview.
I’m certain that people have many questions for you and would like to make contact with you and learn how to get a consultation.
What can they do?


Answer: They can call my office at 562-495-0554 or Toll-Free at 866-495-0554.
Additionally, they can e-mail me their questions at or visit out website at
I also can give Phone Consultations and even Rush Consultations if required.
Eventually, for those people who do what another option, I can give them a web video consultation where they don’t even have to have a camera on their side.
I’d simply ask that they contact me so I’ll do my utmost to help them.

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