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Immigration lawyer help immigrant and non-immigrant visa options

Applying for a US visa

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A California immigration lawyer can help you with your immigration case shares Brian Lerner.
What does it take to become a California immigration lawyer? First, he or she gets a B.S. or B.A. degree.
This usually takes 4-5 years.
Afterwards, he or she goes to Law School which takes another 3 years. Finally, after that, the California immigration lawyer will take the California Bar.
Depending on the year, this will take another 6 months of intense studying and then taking the Bar.
Normally, the passage rate will be about 44%-49%.
Now, after becoming a California lawyer, what does it take to become an ‘immigration lawyer’? This would normally take another few years of working immigration cases in a variety of different immigration cases.
However, some California immigration lawyer’s will then proceed to become certified specialists in immigration law.
What does this take? Normally, after at least 5 years of experience, and most the time more experience, the California immigration attorney then takes an intensive examination covering all the various areas of immigration law.
Then, there is a continuing education requirement and a peer evaluation. The whole process after submission of the initial exam takes another year.
If the California immigration lawyer passes the test and all the other requirements, then that California immigration lawyer will become a certified specialist in immigration and nationality law.
The certification of the speciality will last for 5 years upon which the California immigration lawyer will have to be re-certified. 
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Is it important to get a California immigration lawyer for your case? Most definitely explains the Law Offices of Brian D. Lerner.
There are many different areas of immigration law and the California immigration lawyer.
For example, there are several different types of family petitions and several different types of employment petitions.
A California immigration lawyer will be able to describe the family based preferences where a U.S.
Citizen petitions a spouse, or child or son or daughter that is single or married.
The same California immigration lawyer could also explain a lawful permanent resident petitioning his or her son or daughter.
Regarding the employment petitions, the California immigration lawyer can explain to the client that there are also several preferences of employment and which you either qualify for or which you would best have the chance of success to apply for under the law.
For example, if you are from India, then you would find out that there are many years of waiting (even if the EB-2 preference for persons with advanced degrees.)
The California immigration lawyer can then explain that other employment based preferences such as EB-1 will include Multinational Manager Petitions as well as Outstanding Professors and Extraordinary Alien Petitions.
Additionally, you would likely be informed about the EB-5 investment visa.


The California immigration lawyer will also discuss the possibility of the EB-4 petitions which cover different types of petitions such as battered spouses or religious worker petitions shares Brian D. Lerner.
The battered spouse petitions can be for either a male or female.
Most the time it is a female, but on occasion, the California immigration lawyer can explain why a male might be able to apply for VAWA due to severe emotional distress and sometimes even physical abuse will be shown.

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The California immigration lawyer can also show you about motions to reopen. In fact, many times when there are no other forms of relief and it is necessary to show the initial deportation order was not issued properly, or there was criminal relief or some other types of facts giving rise to a motion to reopen.
Brian Lerner states that there are other times when a client will have not properly responded to an RFE or a Request for Evidence or did not respond at all.
In these cases, a motion to reopen might be the only way to proceed forward.
Also, sometimes the person will either not know to appeal or forget the deadline.
The California immigration lawyer can many times do what is known as a sua sponte motion to reopen.
If in fact it is not granted, then the California immigration lawyer can appeal the denial of the motion to reopen.

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As you can see, there is a great deal that the California immigration attorney can do and it is the many years of education and experience and the continuing education and follow-up exam taking and many other factors that will allow a California immigration lawyer to help you and to see the different paths you might be able to take in order to succeed and stay in the U.S., or to enter the U.S.,
Or to keep from getting deported from the U.S. Immigration law has many different lawyers which must be looked at and analyzed with every case.
Some cases have more issues than other cases shares Brian D. Lerner, but in the end, it would benefit all who are concerned to get an experience and qualified California immigration lawyer.